What is The Coca-Cola Company's position on GMOs?

We get it. People want to know more about their food and what’s in it – and this applies to their beverages. From sweeteners to preservatives to ingredients produced from genetically engineered crops (or GMOs), people want to know what’s safe and what isn’t.

At The Coca-Cola Company, the safety and quality of our ingredients and products matters. We’ve been committed to safety and quality since the first glass of Coca-Cola was poured 130 years ago. GMOs can be found in some of our beverages, along with hundreds of other items in the grocery store. Many of the most influential health organizations and regulatory agencies have determined GMOs to be safe. There are no negative health effects associated with GMO use. Organizations like the World Health Organization, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. National Academy of Sciences have evaluated GMOs and have found them safe.

We understand people want beverage choices. If you want to avoid GMOs, we have options for you. Honest Tea is USDA Certified Organic – which means it’s non-GMO. Also, Odwalla and Zico carry “No GMO” on their labels. All of our Simply juice products are non-GMO and will carry that designation on their labels.

When it comes to labeling, we want to provide information that helps make choices easier, not harder. We support transparency and strive to empower people with accurate, fact-based information that is consistent and easy to access. That’s why we have included GMO information about all of our beverages on our product facts website. And, the company will be rolling out Smartlabel on many of our products in 2016. This new tool allows people to use their smartphones to scan and learn more about the content of their food and beverages, from calories and sweeteners to ingredients derived from GMOs. We also support a national set of food and beverage labeling standards for GMOs. Whether you’re in Wichita or Washington, DC, you should be able to see the same label and know it means the same thing, no matter the producer, the product, or the location.