What is Yellow 5?

Yellow 5 is a food coloring. It is safe and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it is used in small quantities to give products a vibrant and attractive color. 


Do you use Yellow 5 in your beverages?

Yes. We use Yellow 5 in some of our beverages, including Mello Yello and POWERADE Lemon Lime. It gives a distinctive appearance that you know and love.

If we use Yellow 5, we clearly label it on our bottles and cans. Check the ingredients list next to the Nutrition Facts label.


Is Yellow 5 bad for you?

No. The safety of our ingredients and beverages is really important to us.

We only use colors that have been thoroughly tested and confirmed as safe by globally recognized authorities, like the FDA. These authorities have set maximum intake levels, or acceptable daily intakes (ADIs), for food coloring. The amount used in our beverages is far below these levels. 


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