What is in orange juice?

Orange juice is made from oranges and it can be from concentrate or not-from-concentrate. The labels on our products indicate if a juice is from concentrate. And we have a number of delicious orange juice options – including Minute Maid, odwalla orange, and Simply® juice.

If you’re curious about the ingredients and Nutrition Facts in our juices, look at the Nutrition Facts Label on our products. Click here for tips on how to read nutrition labels.


What are the benefits of orange juice?

Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C, potassium and folate. All these are nutrients essential to your overall health. Vitamin C helps to support a healthy immune system. For pregnant women, getting enough folate helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. And potassium is essential to supporting healthy blood pressure.

Just make sure to have orange juice in moderation, as it contains sugar and calories.


What vitamin is in orange juice? Does orange juice have calcium?

Vitamin C is commonly found in orange juice. Potassium, folate and thiamin are also in orange juice.

Fortified orange juices like Simply Orange Medium Pulp with Calcium and Vitamin D contain other important vitamins like calcium and vitamin D.

For a full list of vitamins and their % daily value, look at the Nutrition Facts Label on our orange juice products.


Is orange juice acidic?

Orange juice contains a variety of natural acids. These include citric and ascorbic acid. Depending on the type of orange juice, it can have a pH of around 3.

We offer a variety of drinks that range in acidity. Minute Maid Low Acid and Simply Orange Low Acid are orange juice options with reduced acidity. Learn more about the acidity of coke products here.


Is orange juice gluten free?

Even if calcium or vitamins are added, our orange juices are gluten-free. For a full list of ingredients, look at the Nutrition Facts Label on our orange juice products.


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