What juice brands do you offer?

Our systems offer a wide range of juices and juice drinks, suiting every taste and need. These brands include:

Our kids’ juice offerings include Minute Maid Kids, and Honest Kids.


Can you tell me more about your juice brands?

Our Minute Maid line has 100 different juices and juice drinks, so everyone can find something they love. From a variety of orange juices, punches, reduced calorie juice drinks and options for kids, Minute Maid has your family’s refreshment needs covered.

Every bottle of FUZE® Fusions is jam-packed with amazing fruit flavor. Our drinks are also infused with vitamins, for extra goodness. The flavors include:

Hi-C® is the fruit drink that best fuels fun for youth of all ages. Hi-C® offers an explosive fruit taste and 100% vitamin C in flavors like:

Odwalla, odwalla smoothies, and odwalla quenchers are premium beverages with real fruit juice and other natural flavors. We offer:

Simply® juices and Simply® Light juice drinks are made with real, simple ingredients. Try refreshing flavors like:

Suja Juice offers cold-pressed, certified organic, non-GMO drinks. These delicious flavors include:

ZICO® coconut water has five electrolytes to help your body hydrate. It is naturally fat free and cholesterol free. ZICO® coconut water comes in great flavors like:

Honest Kids are our organic juice drinks for kids. They come in a variety of flavors – Super Fruit Punch, Appley Ever After, Goodness Grapeness, Cherry Go Round and more. And with only 40 calories per pouch, it’s a great option for kids and parents alike.


What is the difference between concentrated and unconcentrated juice? Are your juice brands from concentrate?

Concentrated juice means water has been removed under conditions to maintain quality. This creates a concentrated form of juice. Unconcentrated or not-from-concentrate juice means the juice was squeezed from a fruit and had no water removed.

We commonly use various juices from concentrate in our products, such as apple juice, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and others.


Is juice from concentrate bad for you?

Juices from concentrate can help you reach your recommended daily intake of certain vitamins. For instance, Vitamins A, C and potassium can be found in orange juice and grapefruit juice.

Juice from concentrate, as well as juice not-from-concentrate, contain sugar. If sugar intake is a concern for you, we recommend trying Minute Maid Light or Simply® Light, which are two sugar reduced juice options. And be sure to always check the Nutrition Information to see the amount of sugar in our products.


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