How can I tell how many calories are in Coca-Cola products?

How to determine calories

To see how many calories are in Coca-Cola products, look on the front and back of our bottles and cans.

The calories on the Nutrition Facts label, and on the front of many of our packages, show how many calories there are per serving. Sometimes there is only one serving per package. Sometimes there are more. The Nutrition Facts label will tell you how many servings there are.

To tally the total number of calories per package, use this formula:

Number of servings x calories per serving = Total calories

How to read nutrition labels

The Nutrition Facts label can tell you so much. Here are tips from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on how to read a nutrition label, using a 20-oz bottle of Coca-Cola Life. You can also watch the video above to learn more about the Nutrition Facts label on YouTube.



Check the serving size

Start at the top or left hand side of a Nutrition Facts label. You will see the serving size and number of servings in the package. Pay attention to these numbers. They can help with portion control if you are looking to limit calories, sugar, etc.

In this label, a serving size is one full bottle (20 oz).


Understand the calorie count

It has a total of 160 calories.


Know the nutrients

Nutrition Facts labels also include the amount of nutrients, including fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates (fiber and sugars), protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and more.


Be familiar with the % Daily Values (DVs)

The DVs are based on an average 2,000-calorie daily diet. Your calorie needs may be different.

This number helps you determine if you are eating too much or too little of a nutrient.


Understanding what's in your drink

We know it’s important for you to have clear facts about your favorite beverages. That’s why we make it simple and easy to find.

Here’s what we are doing:


Front-of-package calorie labeling: We put calorie information on the front label. We are the first beverage company to do this globally. And we continue to lead the charge. 


SmartLabel™ QR codes: We include the most important information on our product labels. But we realize you may want to know more. The small size of product labels can limit how many words fit. SmartLabel™ is a simple way to be transparent and share clear facts for all products from The Coca-Cola Company. By scanning QR codes on pack using your smartphone you can access product and ingredient information or you can visit to learn more. All Coca-Cola products will have SmartLabel™ QR codes on pack by the end of 2018.


Beyond the label: We work with our Foodservice customers to include calories on their menus and dispensing equipment. This way, you can still make informed choices about our drinks even if you don’t have a bottle or can in hand.

You can also find information on Our Products page.    


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