What Coca-Cola products contain SPLENDA®?

Two popular drinks are Diet Coke with SPLENDA® and DASANI Flavors. Both are great-tasting options with zero calories thanks to SPLENDA®.

They are just two of the more than 250 products we have that have reduced or no sugar.


What is SPLENDA®

SPLENDA® is one of the sugar substitutes we use to give people great-tasting beverage choices with fewer or no calories.

4 things to know about SPLENDA®:

  1. SPLENDA® is the brand name for sucralose.
  2. It has zero calories.
  3. It is about 600 times sweeter than sugar.
  4. It is heat stable and can be used for baking and cooking.

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Why do you use SPLENDA®?

While sugar in moderation is fine, too much sugar isn’t good for anyone.

That’s why we make reduced- or no-sugar versions of many of the drinks you love. We want to give you great-tasting choices with fewer or no calories. SPLENDA® lets us do that. Learn about the 250 reduced- or no-sugar drinks we offer in the United States.

We also have many options for every taste and need. If you like organic tea, coconut water, ready-to-drink coffee or juice, we have it all and more. The choice is yours!

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What other sugar substitutes do you use to keep calories low in your drinks?

We use a range of sugar substitutes, like Stevia leaf extract and aspartame. They each have their own unique taste and can be used to help manage your calories.



Acesulfame Potassium


Stevia Leaf Extract


Brand Names

Sweet One®








0 calories

16 calories per teaspoon*

0 calories

0 calories


200x sweeter than sugar

200x sweeter than sugar

200x to 400x sweeter than sugar

600x sweeter than sugar

*While sugar also has 16 calories per teaspoon, you don't need as much aspartame to get the same sweet taste you love.


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