What is acesulfame potassium?

Acesulfame potassium is a zero-calorie sugar substitute. It can be used in place of sugar to give you reduced- or no-sugar alternatives. It is often combined with other sugar substitutes, like aspartame.

You might see acesulfame potassium listed as Ace-K or acesulfame K.


Does The Coca-Cola Company use acesulfame K?

Yes. At The Coca-Cola Company, we use Ace-K to help us keep the great tastes people love but with fewer or no calories. For instance, we use it in Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Coke Zero Sugar and some of your other favorites.

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Why do you use acesulfame K?

While sugar in moderation is fine, too much sugar isn’t good for anyone.

That’s why we offer reduced- or no-sugar versions of many of the drinks you love. We want to give you great-tasting choices with fewer or no calories. Ace-K helps us do that.

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Is acesulfame potassium safe?

Yes. Ace-K is a safe ingredient. It has been thoroughly tested in scientific studies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed its safety.

The FDA has set an acceptable daily intake (ADI) level for Ace-K. This is how much you can safely have each day. The ADI for Ace-K is like a 132-pound adult having 23 tabletop packets every day.


Is acesulfame potassium the same as aspartame?

No. Acesulfame K and aspartame are different sugar substitutes. Each has its own unique taste and calorie count. Both are used in many foods and drinks to provide you with a sweet taste but with fewer or no calories. This means they can help you manage your calorie intake. The key to managing your weight, however, is a balanced lifestyle. This includes eating a variety of food and beverages in moderation.

Here are some differences between the two:


Acesulfame Potassium


Brand Names

Sweet One®





0 calories

1 teaspoon = 16 calories*


200x sweeter than sugar

200x sweeter than sugar

Used for baking of cooking


No (loses its sweetness when heated)

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*While sugar also has 16 calories per teaspoon, you don't need as much aspartame to get the same sweet taste you love.


What Coca-Cola products contain acesulfame potassium?

We use Ace-K in some of our drinks, like:

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