Evolving our beverages to keep up with your changing tastes and needs

Your tastes, needs and preferences matter. How we are evolving our beverage portfolio is just one way we’re putting you at the center of all we do.


The World is Changing. So Are We. We call this Our Way Forward.

Learn how we’re reducing sugar, providing convenient, smaller packages, putting calorie information where you can see it and more. 


We’re finding new ways to add vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in some of our drinks.

Check these out:

POWERADE, our leading sports drink, contains electrolytes to help replace what is lost in sweat and help you stay hydrated. It also has B vitamins for a little extra nutrition.

smartwater is a vapor-distilled water with electrolytes added for taste. It was inspired by the clouds.


We also have different flavors in the U.S. you might be interested in.

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Meet our portfolio of Coca-Cola Products

Looking for what to drink instead of soda? We know not everyone drinks soda. That’s why we offer many options for every taste and need. If you like organic tea, coconut water, ready-to-drink coffee or juice, we have it all and more.

Here are quick facts about Coca-Cola Company products in the U.S.


# of beverage options


# of reduced- and no-sugar options


# of choices from our Coca-Cola Freestyle machine

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For ideas of what to drink instead of soda, check out the below:

And if you'd like to see a list of sodas, click here.

Interested in the variety of drinks we offer? We have more than 800 in the U.S.