The World is Changing. So Are We.

Our Way Forward

For years, we’ve given you the drinks you want and love. And as times change, we want to grow and change with you.

That’s why we are listening carefully and doing more. We are putting you at the center of all we do. Your tastes and needs come first.

We call this Our Way Forward.


How we’re changing

Reducing sugar

While sugar in moderation is fine, too much sugar isn’t good for anyone. That’s why we’re rethinking many of our recipes. Coca-Cola Life, for example, is sweetened with a blend of cane sugar and Stevia leaf extract. It has 35% fewer calories and less sugar than Coca-ColaRead more about how we’re reducing sugar in more than 500 of our drinks around the world


Coca-Cola Life has 35% fewer calories and less sugar than Coca-Cola.

Offering different drinks

We know not everyone drinks soda. So we are making new options to fit every taste. These include organic tea, coconut water, ready-to-drink coffee, purified water, juice and more. Learn about them all.


Evolving our recipes

We’re finding new ways to add vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in some of our drinks. We’re also adding new flavors. Try Sprite Cherry Zero, Diet Coke Ginger Lime, DASANI Sparkling Meyer Lemon and more. Check them out.


Providing convenient, smaller packages

We have smaller bottles and mini-cans. These sizes make it easier to control sugar intake. So, you can still have some of your favorite drinks even when you want a little less. Check out the 7.5-oz. Coca-Cola mini soda can and watch this video.


Putting calorie information where you can see it

We are putting calorie information on the front of packages and on the front of our vending and fountain machines.


No advertising targeted to children under 12    

We cannot control everything a child sees. But we do not advertise in media where the audience is more than 35% children under age 12, anywhere in the world. That’s our policy. It applies to all products and brands we sell, everywhere in the world.